Android vs iPhone Wars

October 2, 2012 0 Comments

Before getting into details lets just take a look at the history of  Windows OS success story. Despite all its problems, Windows was able convince the application developers that it is a mature and widely available platform and developers can make money writing applications for the platform.  As developers started adapting to Windows echo system, users started using it and the rest is history. This is a typical  dominant Strategy for “Two-Sided Networks”. For more on this read this.

Now let’s look at the Android vs iPhone echo system.  As written in here, the Android platform itself is maturing and now it is up to the individual hardware developers to bring it to the top.  Similarly, I(we) don’t expect any major changes to Apple iOS in the next few years. There may be tweaks here and there but no major seismic shifts.  Once the software matures , hardware also is going to follow.  Now fast forward to 2020 and imagine echo systems of both platforms.  To be successful, to mimic Windows success story for Desktop,   a mobile platform requires

  • Wide spread adoption by Enterprise
  • Large installed base
  • Large developer community, who are getting paid.

As of today, Apple iOS dominates both in Enterprise adoption , however small it may be,  and in developer community.  To be successful Google(Android) needs to turn its attention to the above mentioned qualifiers.


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