RIM rising from ashes?

November 18, 2012 0 Comments

The technology space has gone through multiple “disruptive” technologies but the pattern was always the same. An established technology leader advantage gets wiped out by a new technology and the leader struggles to keep its original business.

We seen this pattern play out in the mobile world ( Apple vs  Nokia, RIM), Search world ( Google vs Yahoo ) , PCs ( Dell vs compaq ) and so on. But the mistake made by incumbent market leader is always the same. They don’t protect their core business. For example, Yahoo/Hotmail gave way to Google mail,  PC makers gave way to Apple Macbook Air and the list goes on.

And RIM is no different.  RIM left it core business customers unhappy with multiple email outages and lack of  new business enabled devices. In the last few years RIM was plagued by outages, product delays and slumping sales. But the new CEO Thorsten Heins took a stance to fix the costs and product pipeline. Knowing that this is RIM’s last chance at revival, Heins took the extraordinary step of delaying the Blackberry 10 launch to first quarter of 2013 instead of rushing to deliver an unfinished product and meet the fate of Playbook.

But the recent events suggest that  the wave is turning back in RIM’s favor. RIM announced FIPS certification, which is critical to adoption by government agencies. A segment which can’t be invaded by Apple or Google in short span. To guarantee its success RIM app world should focus more on the business applications than competing with iOS or Android ecosystems.  RIM can build its revenue stream from government , defense, and business customers. This is the core strength of RIM and what Blackberry customers are really looking for. Not Youtube or Angry Birds. If RIM succeeds in its  enterprise play, it will be another “Apple” like revival story.


As I mentioned before the tide is really turning in favor of RIM.


update 2:


Interview with CEO Thorsten Heins echoing my conclusion above.



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